Chapter 23

Vineyard Weed Management

Integrated Weed Management

It would be ideal if one method of weed management could be used in all vineyards, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Integrated weed management makes use of a number of methods depending upon weed species, age of vines, soil conditions, irrigation practices, availability of equipment and labor, cost of herbicide, and grower preferences. The most effective and economical weed management programs in vineyards usually combine cultural, mechanical, and chemical practices.

Weed Monitoring

There are many different weed species found in vineyards. Weeds vary from area to area and year to year; even within a vineyard.

Weed Identification

For monitoring to be of value, it is important that weeds are identified correctly. By being familiar with the weeds present, you can better understand how weeds grow and when and how they reproduce.

Maintaining Accurate Weed Records

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date records of weed infestations are important to track the progress of weeds in the vineyard and to assist in selecting the most appropriate method(s) of control.

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