Chapter 27

Vineyard Frost Protection

Grapevine Frost Damage

Spring Frost

The onset of bud burst each spring is a period of anticipation and anxiety. Inflorescence primordia initiation in the previous summer and winter pruning establishes yield potential for the coming season. However, every year poses the possibility of a frost causing an economic disaster. While the compound bud of grapevines has three shoot primordia, the fertility and hence potential productivity of the primordia decrease as secondary or tertiary buds develop. At the same time, frost damage to the primary bud in the spring results in the bud break process having to start again, later in the season.

Fall Frost

Fall frosts affect a vine in a different way then spring frosts. Frosts before harvest will invariably cause death of leaves, which are already in the process of senescence, and will lead to premature leaf fall.

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