Chapter 30

Crop Estimation in Vineyards

Other Considerations in Crop Estimation

In terms of yield, the grape vine is influenced by the weather conditions in both the year of the harvest and the preceding year when the fruit buds are formed.

Relationship between Yield and Quality

It is generally believed that high yields inhibit the development of quality wine grapes and many winemakers show a preference for fruit sourced from low yielding vineyards. Studies have shown that increased yields do not have a negative effect on grape composition and subsequent wine quality. It is true that high-quality wines come from low-yielding sites.

Hang Time

Hang time refers to the amount of time that grapes remain on the vine before harvest. Grapes will tend to see their sugar content, also called Brix, increase as they remain on the vine. Wine regions with warm but not very hot days and cool afternoons and evenings have a longer growing season than warmer regions.

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